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Sunday, August 01, 2021

We believe in making “the whole health of you” a priority and in exploring this idea have imagined a Wellness Walking Trail, thoughtfully constructed for our sprawling campus.

“When people are exposed to the natural environment and natural features, they tend to have a reduced stress response. When you are out in nature you have lower blood pressure, better heart rate variability, better mood.” 

— Lisa Nisbet,Trent University, Canada

As our healthcare providers, staff, patients and their families recharge and make their way through the various areas of the path, donor signage will serve as a gentle reminder that you are supportive of their well-being.

Wellness Walking Trail $500,000

Pathways $50,000

Support one of four pathways that make up the Wellness Walking Trail, each representing different states of being by design: tranquility, activity, socialization, and  contemplation.

Gardens  $25,000

Contribute to build a unique feature along the path. A children’s corner, butterfly garden, music gazebo, exercise row, or one of so many ideas to capture the imagination of the walker as they make their way along the pathway.

Garden Spaces 2


Art Display $10,000

Bring your vision to the viewer through a statue or display to add interest and meaning along the walk.

Activity Station $10,000

Encourage an active break with workout and activity stations to build the mind and body.

Honorarium Benches $5,000

Light the Path $2,500

Milestone Pavers $500

Interior Places


Wellness Stairwells (4) $25,000

Wellness belongs in all of the details. 

Encourage patients and staff to take the stairs with messages and artwork that add wellness and beauty to the hospital experience. 


Thank you for considering this exciting opportunity. We are confident that our staff and patients and their families will be thrilled to watch the current areas transform into an inspiring place where they can visit and be rejuvenated. We know it will impact their work-life and their healing during most critical times.