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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Special Events

Gala Committee

Judy Carpenter Janet Cuff
Mary Ashley
Donna Knox
Wendee Backstrom
Margo Chabot
Kathleen Hartman
Marissa Peterson
Ronica Mickelson
Cristina O’Connell
Tiffany Bailey
Bailey Darkens
Dawn VanWagenen
Nicole Orr
Greg Sloan

Tree Designer Committee

Carolyn Harrington – Chair
Wendee Backstrom
Margo Chabot
Brightie Dunn
Renee Laning
Christy Nicks
Nicole Orr
Sandy Ramirez
Frances Rojas
Greg Sloan
Miles Turner

Holiday Boutique Committee

Tammi Meeks – Chair

Volunteer Committee

Margo Chabot Diane Sloan

Tree Delivery Committee

Jesse Chabot – Chair
Noni Tate
Nicole Searcy
Jeannie Coston-Avila
Danny Flores
Rich Henson
Christopher Ross
Greg Sloan

Santa Land Committee

Dave Curran – Co-Chair
Karilyn Curran – Co-Chair
Diane Sloan


Diane Sloan – Chair
Anna Hightower

With Special Thanks to our Mr. and Mrs. Claus