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Thursday, February 09, 2023

Pinwheels for Prevention®

Pinwheels for Prevention® campaigns provide a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to take action. Funds raised will go to support the Riverside County Child Assessment Center.

Pinwheel for Prevention Sponsors

Presenting Sponsor - $20K Growing Compassion Sponsor


$5K – Seeding Resilience Sponsor

To Come

$2500 – Cultivating Courage Sponsor

To Come

$500 – Household of Hope Sponsor

To Come

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and it serves as a reminder that everyone has a role in helping to protect our most cherished resource—our children. There is not better time to help raise awareness and support prevention efforts on behalf of all children who are suffering from the physical and emotional impact of abuse.

Join us at the Riverside University Health System Foundation in showing that your home or business is an advocate of this effort by becoming a Pinwheels for Prevention® sponsor. Help our communities keep children safe, healthy, and thriving!

Whether promoting positive parenting classes, sharing the signs of abuse with your network, or supporting the professionals who work directly with our kids on the healing journey, you can make a difference!

For More Information contact Corinne at 951-486-5583 or 


You can help prevent child abuse and neglect.


Children’s early experiences impact them throughout life


to enable the safe, stable, and nurturing relationships


children and families succeed and communities thrive


a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to take action