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Monday, October 02, 2023

Ways To Give

Sustaining Donors make a HUGE difference at RUHS Foundation. By committing to give regularly throughout the year, RUHS Foundation can plan ahead and help make use of these gifts for the biggest impact.

Kathleen Hartman

Kathleen Hartman is a local business owner, volunteer, and philanthropist and she has been giving for years.

The reason I give is because I realize how lucky I am, especially when we meet those who are struggling to make it. It breaks my heart and I believe deeply in what the foundation does and the difference we make. I give on a monthly basis because it is so easy. It doesn’t impact my budget and it feels like a bill that is taken care of automatically, and it truly is a gift I feel good about making every single time.

I believe in what we do. We make a difference and it is so important that we continue to make Riverside County a great place to live and work! So please give, anything makes a difference!

How to become a Sustaining Donor

We love providing such a convenient way to give! Sustaining Donors may choose to “set it and forget it” online by following the step by step directions below. We are also thankful for those who set up reoccurring gifts with their banks by selecting RUHS Foundation as the recipient; banks can send checks automatically on dates you choose through this method.

*Your first gift will be processed on the 5th of the month, unless you note for us to also process a gift immediately in the “Leave a comment” field. Please contact with any questions.

1. Where to go to Give

Click the gold GIVE NOW button from the navigation above or follow this link to Giving.

2. Set the amount and fund

Select the amount you wish the give each month and designate your gift to a fund of your choice.

3. Make it monthly

Check the “Make this a monthly gift” box highlighted in red on the illustration to the left.

4. Finalize you Gift

Finish filling out your information and then click DONATE. Thank you so much for your support.